Become the Andy Warhol of your own arms…and legs…and maybe even face? With Vita Perfetta’s Body Screen Printing!

How do we do it?! Let’s just say things are about to get meshy…

Watch as we combine art with industrial excellence. An art technique popularized by Andy

Warhol and now commonly used in t-shirt manufacturing, this is a brand new take on screen printing!

We create small mesh screens, each with their own unique tattoo. Then our screen printing specialist puts body paint over the screen, places it onto your skin, and wipes across the mesh with a small squeegee to transfer the design onto your skin!

In just a matter of seconds, get one, two, or twenty tattoos!

Our ink tats will last all event long, but easily washes off with soap and water.

Add some ink to your event, with Vita Perfetta’s Body Screen Printing!