Surf’s up for some sweets! It’s cowabunga chocolate time! Let’s sea what all the hype is about…

With the help of our world-class chocolatier, you can create delicious, beach-themed chocolate bars, all summer long!

As part of our limited edition series of speciality chocolate bars that are seasonally themed, come craft delicious, vibrantly decorated chocolate bars that even the buff lifeguard can’t say no to!

We offer an ocean of options! Choose between stunning chocolate seashells, gorgeous mermaids, sparkling seahorses, and more! Any color can be combined into the mix as you make a chocolate bar that’ll be the talk of the boardwalk!

Our bars are [mer]made with the best ingredients around, and will be the envy of all your beach buddies!

This service is only available only during the summer months, so book your spot on the beach bar list before September 15th!

And remember, as the tide changes so will the custom chocolate bars, so stay tuned for our festive fall offerings that will be available beginning in October….