Lavish parties are all about luxury.

Whether it’s a chic get together with a few friends or an epic birthday bash, Vita Perfetta bath bombs are a burst of fun!

With choices of delicious scents, fragrant flower petals, bursts of color and fizzy sparkles, each bath bomb is unique and special.

Let your guests’ imagination go wild with Vita Perfetta bath bombs, a gift that truly stands out.



Sugar, spice, and everything nice, Vita Perfetta Donut Bath Bombs are the hottest thing in spa luxury. Bath beauty has never been this sweet. Bright colors blend with all natural skin softening ingredients and dessert fragrances for a delicious party favor your guest will never forget.

Check out our super lush menu:

--  S’more

-- Fruit Loops

-- Jelly Donut

-- Triple Chocolate Fudge

-- Peach Vanilla Swirl

-- Birthday Cake and more!

Vita Perfetta Donut Bath Bombs the sweetest new trend in bath beauty!

Bath Bomb cocktail bar


It’s not a party without a cocktail! Shake it up with Vita Perfetta Bath Bomb Cocktail Edition. Cosmo, Strawberries & Champagne, Espresso Martini, and more. Our deliciously posh scents create the perfect aromatherapy experience. Place your order, and our bath bomb mixologists take care of the rest! At the end of the night, leave with the perfect party favor. Everyone will go wild for their custom bath bomb cocktail! Vita Perfetta Bath Bomb Cocktail Edition is posh party perfection. Bathe in the luxury of this oh, so perfect nightcap.


We’ve captured the natural beauty of geode crystals and infused them into Vita Perfetta Geode Bath Bombs! In nature, beautiful colors blend to create a unique stone. No crystal is quite like the other. These new bath bombs are a funky, artistic spin on your favorite bath beauty product! 

It’s all about the layers and you choose the fun!


We start with a bright, colorful bath bomb shell. Then, party guests choose a filling. With soothing ingredients like bath salts and coconut oil, we create the layered effect. Then, our artists hand paint the geode design and add gorgeous body glitter. Each one is special. 


Turn up the fun with a craft-style spa setup. We’ll bring the geode shells, and all the supplies. Then, party guests have a blast blending their own salts, oils and colors to create their personal bath bomb. It’s bath bomb party fun! 

Vita Perfetta Geode Bath Bombs are as special as you!