There are few things more sacred and special than becoming a bar or bat mitzvah.

Celebrate the culmination of years of dedication and nurturing with fun!

Vita Perfetta specializes in customized entertainment that will make your bar or bat mitzvah celebration as special and unique as you are.


Our services range from krome body tattoos, lashes, and henna, to game face tattoos, airbrush t-shirts, and custom cell phone case.

Our capabilities stretch as far as your imagination. Honor the support of your family and friends in this beautiful rite of passage by letting Vita Perfetta make the night unforgettable. 

A bar/bat mitzvah is a one-of-a-kind event, so its only right that you enjoy it with our one-of-a-kind activities!

Let Vita Perfetta do the entertaining while you spend the night enjoying your nearest and dearest.