Before your baby is even born, you already want to shower your little bundle of joy with love and support.

Whether it’s a co-ed celebration or a traditional afternoon, we’ve got you covered with a ton of incredible and original baby shower themed desserts, gender reveal ideas, activities, and fun arts to sprinkle the parents-to-be with love and support too!

For more information on any of the below baby shower services, please inquire!


baby shower favor cookie decorating
cupcakes in a jar
baby themed chocolate bars

Gender Reveals
Sports smash - a sports ball of choice explodes into blue or pink dust when struck
Gender reveal chocolate hearts
Gender reveal cakes / cupcakes

Fun Arts & Activities
Onesies & bibs decorating 
Baby shower spa favors - essential oils bar, fragrance bar, bath salts, homemade sugar scrubs, lip bar
Botanical / collage candles
Watch me grow succulents
Baby in bloom & potted plants
Flower bouquets
Create a baby time capsule
Create birthday cards from 1-18 years 
Create baby shower blocks
Funny diaper messages
Baby shower message scrapbook, wishes for the baby, blessings, advice, quotes
Dreamcatchers for the nursery
Diaper pong
Dirty diaper game